Tuesday, June 9, 2009

photo via the unicorn diaries

when i was a youngster, i used to dig in my backyard. i remember thinking to myself while digging endlessly, that there was something that was waiting for me. waiting for me to discover it. i imagined that i would find a treasure trunk from way long ago filled with letters, photos, artifacts, things of that nature. and i was ready to make up my own story from those things. even before i found it. but, i never found that trunk.

some days i'd feel like this place wasn't where i belonged, and that maybe that treasure trunk would open up another world for me. somewhere only i would know. the place where i really came from. and sometimes i still believe that to this very day.

"somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known"
-the imaginary foundation

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L'Artiste said...

i did too until i realized...
we're below sea level and all is under our house.. is marshland.. :-/