Monday, June 1, 2009

its about that time of the year when the kids start leaving. peppers and two of her other friends moved up to preschool this week. it saddens me, but i'm so very excited for them. we're only next door to each other but i'll only get to see them briefly. at least they get much more happier when they see me than on a regular day. DJ literally jumped five feet in the air, into my arms today. so sweet!

who will i share my bobby pins with now?


Amanda said...

If DJ jumped 5 feet into the air towards me, he'd jump over me! And of course Pepe is awake at nap time!

iamtheary said...

gosh, she is such a doll.

today i sent jack out to drop off the roll of film at walgreens and came back with the cd and along with double prints. hehe gosh i told him over and over to make sure he say, "cd only". that'll be my last time sending a man to do a woman's project.