Wednesday, June 10, 2009

self portraits by yours truly

in about an hour: sokai, paul and i will be making our journey to omaha, nebraska. we will be crossing through chattanooga, nashville, st. louis and kansas city. i'm really stoked about seeing those cities on the road! our expected travel time from atlanta to bellevue will be approximately 15 hours. gruesome. but i'm sure that it will be lovely. some fresh air in a small town, where no one knows your name is something i need right now.

there are 30 rolls of film waiting for me at the end of this rainbow. you better believe i'll be taking a ton of pictures. that's what we'll be doing half the time. the other half, i'll be tickling the heck out of jackson and taylor. i cannot wait to see those sweet faces.


iamtheary said...

first of all, ive never seen JACK clean so much in a long time. he was spraying all the windows and mirrors with "car glass cleaner" just for ya'll arrival. we are ALL soooo excited to see ya'll coming through this front door.

beeeeeee safe driving and calling me every 15 mins. i mean it!

Anonymous said...

Kansas City the City of Fountains!! The Plaza is a must see if you get a chance!

Travel well & Be Safe!!

Andrew said...

These photos describe perfectly how I'm feeling. Thank you,