Saturday, November 1, 2008

halloween this year was a dissapointment. everything was great during the day at work, but night time was a total bore. i had been up since 6:30am and didn't get the chance to squeeze in a power nap so i was super tired. the photo above is the only one i have of my lydia costume. what a bummer, huh? i even had to photoshop it. i loved my costume, put a lot of effort into it and i think i executed it pretty well. i'm sure i'll dress up again and do it over soon just because :)

visit my flickr to see new photos!
i hope everyone had a great halloween


L'Artiste said...

yes seems like everyone's halloween sucked.. INCLUDING MINES :-(
i had more fun playing with a brick

iamtheary said...

hehe that is perfect...!! you couldnt look any better than that. good job sissy!!

BetseyJ said...


Mr. Day Job said...

best costume ♥