Monday, November 3, 2008

as you all know, we are finally less than a day away from the election. i have never been more excited on the eve of anything since christmas. i received an email this morning from the barack obama newsletter to join the get out the vote rally at the stairs of the state capitol. i hopped aboard the marta westbound by myself, and walked up those stairs. i stood in the street front and held my sign up high. i am a first time voter, and proud to say that my vote is not only a right, but it comes with what i strongly stand for. i can not remember the last time i felt so moved. this is not about being a blue state, or a red state, a democrat or a republican. this is about being what we call ourselves.. a united state. and that is exactly what we should be, united!

please if you can, go out and vote!

i got a little tap on my shoulder.. and it was one of my kids!
the biggest obama supporter i know to date!


tyrelltheconundrum said...

I'm excited too!
I'm also afraid!

cris monay said...

how sooo nervous!

leeeezy said...

i voted! i hope hilary wins