Wednesday, November 5, 2008

today has been something else. i have read several opinions and conspiracies all day long that have been giving me mixed feelings. i have watched enough television, to a point where all i can see is red and blue. i just got back in from a late night drive to look for newspapers, all sold out. i have grown emotionally tired and exhausted. there was something in the air today that i can't quite put my finger on. the world felt like it stopped, and there was an eerie silence all around. all i can do is attempt to express what i'm feeling right now.. happy and sad, weak and weary, strong and proud, fearsome and anxious.. but most of all utmost admiration and respect to everyone who was apart of showing the world that we, as a whole, are making a shift into our very own consciousness. things will only get worse from here.. at least hopefully before they get better. this will be a very long road. and i hope that this reminds all of us that we knocked down barriers and laid a new foundation for this country. it has definitely inspired me to make a conscious effort to help, care, love, and work on myself and with the world ten times harder while i'm here on earth.. and that change does not come from one man.. but it comes from within us first.

remember, remember the fifth of november.

God Speed.....

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