Monday, October 27, 2008

i'm just a girl. simply, just a girl. and just like other girls, i ride a frequent wave of emotions. being happy is a wonderful feeling. and the greatest part is that i'm not even sure why i'm happy. and i won't go looking for what may be the reason. i just know that i am. and that's the beauty of it all. because i'm just happy.

we spend too much time trying to find something or someone to make us happy. we keep doing the things that we do in order to achieve that little morsel of contentment. we look for someone in hopes of helping us fill the void to achieve it. and while most of us are too busy doing just that, few us are busy just being. and the few of us are busy just being happy.

i only wish that everyone could feel the same joy that i do right now, if not more. spare a moment of your time to listen to yourself breathe, admire the world around you and appreciate everything for what it is.

have a beautiful week.


Anonymous said...

life is wonderful by jason mraz.
perfect song for those wonderful, happy days.

cris monay said...

i totally know the look around and all of sudden you are just happy for no reason even though everything around you isnt perfect.
and i feel that way know...and i walk around thinking is anyone going to figure out my secret...that im happy for no real reason and all..and try to make me unhappy.
so im rambling...but i understand :)

BetseyJ said...

life is florida is dull.
rob & i need a break from it for a weekend i think .

your couch offer still open?


let me know when a good time is.

i'll bring cupcakes and homemade treats.


Bluskino said...

awesome. powerful truth