Monday, October 18, 2010

it's 13 nights until halloween! so i brewed up a mix of 13 songs that get me in the holiday spirit. everything in my itunes could pretty much fit into this halloween mix, so selecting tracks was a tough decision. i decided to create a list of dark, psychedelic and romantic songs- in my taste at least. my personal favorite at the moment is track #3, it sounds like a group of black cats purring over dub reggae, drinking magic mint tea while stretching on top of a vw van.

01 siouxsie & the banshees- halloween
02 ariel pink's haunted graffiti- fright night (nevermore)
03 we like cats- meow hear me roar
04 the smiths- pretty girls make graves
05 the stranglers- strange little girl
06 scientist- your teeth in my neck
07 minks- ophelia
08 credence clearwater revival- i put a spell on you
09 the cure- lullaby
10 charlotte gainsbourg- the operation
11 joy division- dead souls
12 james pants- thin moon
13 q lazarus- goodbye horses

download the 13 nights of halloween mix here.
happy holidays ;)

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LaRon said...

love your mixes