Monday, September 13, 2010

i always tell myself that one day i'd form a kick ass band, i'd play the bass guitar and do some vocals, and that we'd do new wave covers of my favorite songs. hopeful wishing, maybe. anyhow, i've been wanting to share a mix for a long time now. so i figured i'd do one with some of my favorite covers listed below, appropriately titled "under the covers" ;)

01 florence & the machine- addicted to love (robert palmer)
02 warpaint- ashes to ashes (david bowie)
03 loquat- there is a light that never goes out (the smiths)
04 the xx- hot like fire (aaliyah)
05 lcd soundsystem- no love lost (joy division)
06 death cab for cutie- love song (the cure)
07 friendly fires- strange love (depeche mode)
08 peter bjorn& john- summer breeze (seals & croft)
09 the kooks- all that she wants (ace of base)
10 the submarines- boys dont cry (the cure)
11 wild nothing- cloudbusting (kate bush)
12 malcolm mclaren- about her (the zombies)
13 she&him- please please please let me get what i want (the smiths)
14 bird& the bee- how deep is your love (bee gees)
15 vampire weekend- exit music for a film (radiohead)

you can download it here :)


Anonymous said...

I usually don't listen to songs like this, but for some strange reason I ended up liking it.. #12 says error, won't play.. My favorite is #14.. please tell me it's your voice.. if so.. it's electrifying!! Great song.

Anonymous said...

" Self Control " by Laura Branigan

" Self Control " by Soraya

" Is This Love " by White Snake

kneesee said...

laura branigan! classic!

kneesee said...

i'm sorry that #12 wouldn't play, thats kinda odd! i found an interesting little video someone made of the song. the beginning isn't on the track that i put on the mix, but i thought i'd share:

lola smalls said...

this was my birthday gift? i'm receiving it rather late as I have been out of the blogosphere for a while. But it's still the 13th so it's a sign!

I'm so surprised you didn't use the Tears for Fears cover featured in your favorite film Donnie Darko (yes, that means I finally saw it all the way through ;) )