Tuesday, August 10, 2010

back in january, my childhood friend monica needed some help planning her son's first birthday party. she wanted it to be themed from maurice sendak's "where the wild things are." we went the d.i.y route and created everything mostly from scratch.

this centerpiece was found at hobby lobby and reminded us of the fort they built in the movie. the pine cones were left over from winter decorations.

the huge marble cake

the vines were handmade from party streamers, tissue papers and a glue gun.my little brother drew the entire picture free handed with pastel chalk on packing paper. we added the christmas bulbs for our source of light.

monica and i made a great team!

i filled each bag with fruit snacks, caramel popcorn with cinnamon toast crunch, home made golden sugar cookies in the shape of a crown, a compass, hershey kisses and swiss miss hot chocolate with marshmellows! i also hand made thank you notes. i drew each one and water colored them individually.

party planning is one of many things i enjoy doing :)
this was a blast.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Her eyes are breath-taking.. Her smile is contagious..Her talents are extraordinary..

kneesee said...

gee wiz anonymous, you make me blush!

alice said...

plus mignon! everything fit so well.

Anonymous said...

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