Thursday, July 15, 2010

i had no idea what to get my sister as a gift from san francisco, until i read about zach houston. zach is a visual artist and poet from oakland who runs the poem store. he writes poems on a typewriter about anything you'd like in exchange for your suggested donation. i emailed him in advanced to know where i could specifically find him. initially i was supposed to meet him at the ferry's plaza farmers market but he was kind enough to meet me at the civic center. i asked him to write a poem about my sister theary and her use of natural light in photographs.

he wrote this piece.

i expected our encounter to be brief, but we ended up walking around and chatting. after we got to know each other a bit, he wrote a poem for me and it definitely reflected the current lost in translation state that i was in at that moment in time. he was the first stranger during my stay in california that i actually had the opportunity to sit down and talk to. he really made such an inspiring impact on my decision to maybe move to the bay area soon. zach is an amazing and humble person and i am so very glad to have met him.

what a truly beautiful gift he has.

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iamtheary said...

i love this so much denys!! i love you