Monday, May 31, 2010

since its memorial day, i thought i'd do a post about something in relation to it: burgers ;)

i finally made my first visit to flip burger boutique in late april. i've heard many raves about this place but was always skeptical about it because i'm an old fashioned burger lover. it scared me off just a tad to hear the words burger and boutique in the same sentence. but i can't turn down a chance to try out new food. i ordered the farm burger with onion rings and the ufo hefeweizen and my dinner partner had the po boyger with the fries. although the "grass fed beef" was absolutely delicious, the atmosphere was a bit much for my liking. but any place that has sriracha ranch is pretty okay in my book. i'm a condiment junkie.

i'd go again, maybe.

flip burger is located at 1587 howell mill road


L'Artiste said...

your blog makes me happy when i'm feeling down.

kneesee said...

your messages make me happy!