Saturday, April 24, 2010

who said waffle house was only good at 3am? but i'm southern and i love buttery goodness anytime of the day, so maybe its just me. wednesday was jackson and taylor's very first visit to waffle house. of course, jackson requested that he have pancakes and he got them too. they didn't do a very good job on them, they should stick to what they know ;) do you have a favorite off the menu? i always get the "2 eggs" with cheese grits.

it must be a real travesty in those parts of the world that aren't acquainted with the goodness that is sweet tea. i certainly can't do without.

have a wonderful weekend <3


Lali said...

it is sad. i have yet to find a place that has good sweet tea in NYC. so i make my own.

waffle house. growing up i always ordered Pecan Waffles. no clue why...but i loved them!!

sister time:isn't it magical?!!

j.chong said...

wha they have pancakes at waffle house?!

kneesee said...

thats really bummy! come to atlanta, you will find plenty of places to try sweet tea. everywhere really ;)

jennifer- they don't have pancakes on the menu but what jackson wants, jackson gets. lol. and they were not as great as the waffles.

L'Artiste said...

the colors are always so rich