Wednesday, December 2, 2009

photo by citrus hearts

georgia o'keeffe met alfred stieglitz. she was an unknown artist, he was a photographer. she was nearly 24 years his junior. he encouraged her, marketed her, photographed her, married her, and cheated on her. she wrote letters. here is one that i found moving.

30 June 1917…291 – You – believing in me – that making me believe in myself – has made it possible to be myself…So again tonight – I don't know if its woman or little girl – I am mostly both – I want to put my arms round you – kiss you – let you kiss me – Its all very quiet – what I want is very quiet – it's great to trust anyone enough to let them kiss you…

read more of georgia's beautiful, emotional words here.

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som said...

Wow. Really good stuff.