Thursday, August 27, 2009

my uncle sean handed down his minolta xg-m to me several months ago. i just named him miles, i've always loved that name. i went the safe route on my test run and fed him kodak, black and white. just to see how he would take it. and he took it pretty well. he's about 28 years old, sturdy and timeless. i can't wait to use him with that headlight of a flash bulb i was given too. beautiful things to come.

see what miles and i created with theary's portraits here.
(i miss you and your coffee by the way)


iamtheary said...

this made my day. thanks sis.

Sokai Ok Yoon said...

Wonderful b/w set! That sun doubled up as an elevation for contrast as well as developed the emphasis of Theary's expressions. Yum yum emulsion!

Cedric said...