Friday, April 24, 2009

photo taken by my younger brother, paul

its been about two weeks now that i've been living here in the suburbs. and i have to admit, i am loving it more and more as each day passes. its about to be that time of the year again. the humidity, the bugs at night.. what better place to spend it, than here? i'm going to slowly fade away from all that i've known for the past few years. i'm quite bored with this city, and thats been pretty obvious since i've changed my job as of last april. its about time i start working on things that i love most, than to carelessly dwindle those hours socializing and partying with people who have no substance. soon enough, my face will fade and everyone will be acquainted with just my words and photographs. but not me.

you can start now with these sixteen new exposures :)
have a gorgeous weekend


Patrick said...

This post makes me sad......this city will miss you. Plus I am jealous because when I spend time on the SouthSide I can't enjoy it. 24 years was a long time to be in one town. Best of Luck.

iamtheary said...

i was thinking about all the cupcakes we used to bake together. thanks to you, you're the reason why i got into it the first place. im constantly looking up new things to bake. my cheesecakes were a success, second time around not so much. chocolate chip cookies took me several times before baking them just right. apple pies, ive bakes almost everyday with the twins during the summer and well i let them do the hurt part and i just did the creative part. hehe

Sokai Ok Yoon said...

The visual things of nature and the neverending cycle of photography is something that makes me feel that the heart has its own eyes and its voice. Best of luck in all you do and I'd be honored to be in any part of future projects you may have. I'm bookmarking this into my blogroll and beginning to check this frequently!