Monday, December 29, 2008

so my initial plan for new years eve was to stay in, curl up with a cup of hot tea and watch the peach drop or something and call it a night. just simple.. nothing huge. well.. change of plans. i was asked to accompany a friend as a date to a party. and i gladly accepted.

so heres the thing, i've never really been asked to go anywhere as a date with anyone. if i have, i don't think i've ever said yes. i'm totally putting myself on blast here, but i even went to my senior prom alone. for twenty minutes maybe. so this is a little nerve wrecking. i mean.. its new years eve!

and i have absolutely nothing to wear!


iamtheary said...

woooo that means you have to kiss him.

kneesee said...

okay see i dreampt about this before i said yes... and that is probably the nerve wrecking part. lol. who wrote that rule anyway?

BetseyJ said...

hit up forever 21. they have so many dresses for under $20. thats where im getting mine.

and i love labyrinth. he was my first man crush.

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

::breathe:: I'm sure you'll come up with a cute outfit and will have a great time! You still have a few days to shop so go to the mall and search SEARCH for that outfit that screams your name! lol I hope you have fun! ;)