Friday, November 14, 2008

what a week! i love work. it's been keeping me so occupied. i get so tired at the end of the day from using up all of my energy, it makes for good sleep. it usually takes me more than two hours to unwind and fall into it, but i've been drifting easily and i love it.

but theres one thing i cannot sleep without.. music. i cannot sleep in complete silence, my mind wanders too much for that. i have to have something playing while i'm asleep and when i wake up. i have a playlist on my itunes for almost every mood that i'm in, and i cannot tell you enough that i am one moody girl. but for the past few months, it's all been thomas newman on pandora radio. newman has scores in so many wonderful movies, crazy i know, it's all cinematic orchestrated music. with a soundtrack to dream to, just imagine all of the amazing ones i've been having.

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