Monday, November 17, 2008

i love buy one, get one free cookies at kroger. i'm about to have a cookie hangover. speaking of baked goods, today is national homemade bread day. i'm going to start keeping up with these silly holidays, well because they are just as important as the others. but i won't be baking any bread this evening. i got roughed up at work today, so i'm vegging out.. in bed laying like brocolli.

i'll be working longer hours at work this week, broken social scene will finally be here wednesday and ghostland observatory the next day. so i'm going to be getting much needed rest and musical stimulation for the next few days. i'll come back with something good.


iamtheary said... know it. i love that show. i'll stop whatever im doing just to watch it, even if ive seen it a million times already. i can only catch the late night when they replay it again for the ones who miss the earlier show. like i said, im constantly fighting for some tv time.

SoFA KiNG said...

Guess Who?
I finally conformed to get one of these =P

chant said...

thanks for the advices, yeah you're right. when I really think about it, I don't want my career to be in fashion industry. I thought I did but it's something I can't see myself in 10 years later. if we [the world, GO GREEN!] make it that far. lol

but yeah, I already started to apply for GPC, I dont know what I want to do yet but im just gonna go get my core classes over with, by that time i should figure out what I really want to do.

OMG we're always saying we should grab lunch! but we dont ever. WE should DEFF.