Wednesday, October 1, 2008

mom dukes circa '83. i just noticed theres a menorah on top of the fireplace and i was a bit confused. i guess the family who sponsored my parents to america were jewish. who knew! i haven't seen them in seven years i think.

its 30 days until halloween! i was a fafinette last year and it was a bit too sexy for me. i'm usually against that whole idea, but it was adorable and in good taste. my costume looks almost like the one my mom was wearing above (i have no clue what she's supposed to be.. my dad was a 1940s gangster but i can't find the photo) this year, i'm going to finally dress as lydia from beetlejuice. can't decide if i want to be her in black, or the red wedding dress which is a challenge to pull together. i can hardly wait.

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mreeuh said...

whew, your mother had FUNK!

& the family who helped my parents were Catholic. Hence, "Maria".