Thursday, May 8, 2008

i left my love for a while..
jumped ship to the next city
and then i ran into him
he offered me anything i could possibly imagine.
he was so eager and willing to take care of me.
i am a girl with much pride, but i would swallow it whole
if i felt like i deserved it.
for too long, i have been the one to always
be at my lover's beck and call.
but now it was time that i said, "yes, i can be selfish."

he no longer exsisted.
and now it was him that i would call my home.
so cultured, so artistic, so proud and so lively.

with my hand in pocket,
i couldn't recall a single care.
if there was anything prevalent in my life before this
it was no longer of any importance to me.
i was smitten over those kisses.
they were the wind.
so airy. so wispy.
i whispered secrets in the night.
told him feelings that i 've never told.
i think i said too much.
i think i said enough.
for my love affair would end soon.
and i would have to return to him.

the morning i left,
i woke up with a strange feeling in my stomach.
something was telling me if i missed that flight out,
maybe he wouldn't forget about me.
and maybe everything i experienced
could just be mine to keep.
maybe if i would just stay.

i could not find the words to say goodbye to him.

for atlanta, he just is and will always be there.
and chicago, he will always, just be.

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