Thursday, April 24, 2008

i met a boy.
he was foreign and strange to me.
i knew nothing of him.
but his very presence is what had me intrigued.
from the fedora that sat atop his jet black hair.
the ink on his arm that read s p a c e
where time did not exsist
he was smooooth with the way he talked.
had an answer to everything.
he spoke with confidence and no hesitation.
my eyes gleamed, full of comprehension.
and his eyes were so alert, and mirroring to mine.
almost a mockery.
he a gemini. i a pisces.
like our eyes, we wandered reasons restlessly.
trying to find some common ground between us.
i was so punch drunk. i had to drive far.
far away from him.
but i could not get far.
i was caught in his web of curiousity.
he was from outerspace. beyond this world.
and i know nothing of him still.


Anonymous said...


I Like.

SWITCH™ said...

very nice.