Wednesday, February 16, 2011

spring time is coming really soon, i can feel it in the air. i am always mused by all things french this time of the year. this month's mix pays tribute to french yé-yé, a musical movement led by mostly female singers. jacqueline taïeb was my first discovery in yé-yé; this cover of nights in white satin by patricia is probably my most latest and favorite find. if i could do high school all over again, i would have taken my french classes more seriously. i should probably pick up some lessons this year.

01 jocelyne - la la la la la
02 petula clark - la nuit n'en finit plus
03 jacqueline taïeb - 7 heures du matin
04 annie philippe - baby love
05 christine pilzer - café creme
06 jocelyne - nitty gritty
07 cléo - et moi, et toi, et soie
08 marie laforêt - marie douceur, marie colère
09 patricia - mes rêves de satin
10 christie laume - l'adorable femme des neiges
11 marie laforêt - la plage
12 jacqueline taïeb - ce soir je m'en vais

download the mix here
avec amour <3


leezy said...

dl the mix,
lovin' the doo

Anonymous said...

Je sais pas ce que c'est.
Non je veux pas discuter.
Peut etre c'est l'amour.
L'amour toujours...

Il fait chaud

J'aime ta maille

Douce France

kneesee said...