Thursday, January 6, 2011

i hope that everyone's january has been positive and smooth so far. things have been really great on my end and i am extremely happy. i wish nothing but the same for everyone, if not better.

i'm currently working on another photo project, a rendition to one of my favorite films of all time. the entire project will be double/multiple exposed photographs. i haven't played around with my nikon fm10 and light is scarce during this time of the year. so this project has been quite the challenge. the image above was one of the first ones i attempted to portray.

i've also become a blog contributor for +F.i.A+ i blog music (which will be both old and new) on tuesdays and thursdays. this is really exciting because i now have an outlet for the music that i've been wanting to share. you can check out my first post here. i even take my capitalization rules seriously.

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Mr Ryan said...

let me know when you need a test subject. I need some new photos by kneesee......thx.

Your Pal,
Mr Ryan