Tuesday, December 21, 2010

in choosing my favorite album of the year, i still stand by my august post on future island's in evening air. other albums that made the list are new young pony club's the optimist and warpaint's the fool. it may not be considered for 2010, but my recent discovery of weimar gesang's discography from the 80s is my favorite find this year.

cheers to a great year of music and another for 2011.
what are your favorite albums or artists this year?

brooklyn, ny
canon ae-1, fuji 200 iso


LaRon said...

omg your picture is like my pic i took at earwax!


kneesee said...

haha! thats amazing! good eye ;)

shep said...

thanks to you i was introduced to warpaint. i fell in love with that album.

kneesee said...

thats great shep! warpaint is my gospel. spread it like love.