Monday, December 6, 2010

i don't know many december-esque songs that i enjoy besides last christmas by wham! so i decided to make this month's mix flow evenly into a soundtrack for an indie film i wrote in my head. think an awkward holiday company party, tacky sweaters, watching the lights twinkle while laying under the tree, peppermint flavored coffee, dance party magic and a drunken new years eve kiss.

01 the answering machine - lightbulbs
02 broken social scene - handjobs for the holidays
03 saturday looks good to me - alcohol
04 hot chip - the warning
05 peter bjorn and john - the chills
06 dickon hinchliffe - le rallye
07 mint royale - princess
08 trocadero - daydream no. 19
09 broken social scene - guilty cubicles
10 the radio dept. - i don't like it like this
11 trocadero - blues for fairfax

download it here :)