Tuesday, November 23, 2010

this mix is dedicated to darkness: physical, mental and emotional perspectives.

01 zola jesus - night
02 sneaker pimps - 6 underground
03 weimar gesang - worn out prayer
04 future islands - as i fall
05 the naked and the famous - the sun
06 joy division - shadowplay
07 new young pony club - talking talking
08 warpaint - stars
09 the church - under the milkyway tonight
10 cocteau twins - pink orange red
11 ghostland observatory - silver city
12 the shangri-las - dressed in black

download it here


LaRon said...

hey i have tried to download it 4 times and it wont work can you uplaod it again :-(

kneesee said...

hey LaRon! thanks for letting me know that it wasn't working. i uploaded it again and i hope it works this time! if not, please send me an email! oxoxo