Tuesday, September 7, 2010

on august 31st, my little cousin darion turned nine years old. and on that very same day, he left our world. the past few days have been a whirlwind of emotions. but through out the tears, memories and laughter that we shared with his family, we were so touched. this little man was a soldier and battled cancer like a one man army for two years- all with a smile on his face. i believe that he is now at peace in his sadness shield that keeps all of the sadness out. where the wild things are. running wild and free without a care. and most importantly.. in good health.

your family loves you darion.


Anonymous said...

God will be with him..

Kris said...

family and those we hold dearest will help us to get through times like these... that, paired with the human experience and this so-called faith... any faith... that leads us to hope, pray, and believe that your cousin has found true peace in what's to come.

lub chew,

Anonymous said...

I recently lost a cousin as well this past July to cancer and I too had to keep in mind that she is in peace now now and longer in pain. A little comfort in a whirlwind of pain and sadness. Keep faith, God bless!