Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the first place dosa and his sister told me that was a must for eats was umami burger. i've spoken my peace on burger boutiques and i sort of hesitated from the suggestion. mainly because i thought it would be a japanese joint from the name alone, but it wasn't. while wandering about in hollywood, i cut the corner to find myself right in the middle of this hip mirage and there i came across the umami urban location. i just so happened to be planning a food date with jennifer chong that afternoon, so i thought.. why not?

the turk burg was fantastic. jennifer ordered the umami burger, which was delicious as well but not as fun to photograph as much as this one was :]

sweet potato fries and two things i love: soup spoons and mayo.

finished it off with a vanilla bean ice cream sandwich courtesy of the milk shop in los angeles (a place i've yet to visit but is a place jennifer wanted to go)

so, my verdict is yes. this place pretty much rules.

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