Monday, February 1, 2010

you're all going to laugh at me, but i'm attempting to try something new. as you all know, i don't stress enough about how i despise routine. i can't stand it. i think it's silly and restricting. and this is probably why i am still a lady child. i believe it's time to finally grow up and learn to create some sort of system. i decided i should try the following:

find a place for bingo night.
go for a run at least twice a week.
thrift for more blue and wear it.
camera+ get lost in georgia every other weekend.
get a library card, check out a book once a month.
cook a new recipe once a week.

wish me the best.
i am absolutely terrified.


leezy said...

considerin its still early, i think this is the best time start it :) lol

Mr Ryan said...

Im gonna make a list for myself, you've inspired me my friend!