Friday, January 22, 2010

wow! by golly.. i'm wondering where january has gone! it's been so busy, but in a sense of duty. i've been working something serious at the center, that i haven't been able to find the time to do much else but rest. the sun is starting to set a little later in the day, which makes me extremely happy and hopeful for spring's arrival :)

which brings me to the subject of a vacation. i need one, bad.
sundance would have been nice.


Lali said...

I need a break as well. NYC is wearing me down and I really want to run in a field or something cheesy.

did you do the drawings behind you?

kneesee said...

i say we vacation somewhere really pretty and open, dont ya say? :)

and i did do those drawings! packing paper+ pastels.

Lali said...

I am dying to get to mountains/fields/streams/trees.

they are fabulous. I need to get back to my "art time"