Wednesday, December 30, 2009

here we are, meeting face to face with the last days of december. as i've gotten older, i've failed to recognize the new year and make resolutions, because i don't believe in them anymore. i am the kind of person that refuses to be content with any situation. therefore, reevaluation happens with every cup of jo in the morning and every night before going to bed. i wish for new and better things everyday and i hope that you all do too. don't let a calendar tell you when to tell someone that you love them, when you need to take a vacation, or when not to wear white shoes. let life unfold in it's own unruly way, and you will be surprised with how beautiful everything can be, if you let it.

see you in january


onomatopoeia said...

concur said...

unless it happens to be the apocolypse. I don't think it would unfold in a very beautiful way...unless however, you think bealzebub the demon from the ninth level of hell is a swell and peachy kinda guy.

Anonymous said...

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