Friday, September 4, 2009

we stood inside of a white canvas. the sea was outlined before us. a thin, squiggly black line that stretched it's width for an eternity. i could hear the waves crashing right below me, and the sand, warm beneath my toes.

you were there, standing right next to me, in black and white. with your usual charm, and i smiled. even without saying a word, you never failed to make me smile. you handed me a brush and we began painting the sky in watercolor. you never really liked the sunrise in the morning if you had to be awake to see it come up. so we opted for a sunset. black and blue into purple that turned into orange that gradually blended into an evening at sea.

you took your paintbrush and dipped it into the vignette and made a sea of black brush strokes in my hair. you perfected the right amount of brown in my eyes, and the hint of pink highlighted on my cheeks. and then we began to paint one another in silence. i loved the way we saw each other like no one else could.

we reveled in the beauty that we created.
my last dream of you.
my final lasting memory of you.

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