Sunday, July 26, 2009

i miss cooking so much. i used to do it a lot when we lived in east atlanta, but since i've moved back home i haven't been doing it as much. mainly, because my mom has a meal made by the time i get home. but weekends shouldn't be excusable!

last week, i made my brother and my friend's supper for his birthday. i prepared shrimp and grits and eggplant lasagna. i found the recipe for flying biscuit's creamy dreamy grits and used that. if you haven't had their grits, you are really missing out! i also used a no-noodle lasagna approach, but added ground beef to it. almost forgot about the snicker doodle cookies. yum! the recipes i used can be found here and here.

have any really good recipes you'd like to share? i'm always up for something new. especially cultural food, thats always fun.

enjoy your sunday.


Claws said...

Yum, yum haha. I made my family a pesto pasta with bacon and Italian hot sausage which was pretty good the other day. I love cooking as well, a mix a therapy and feeling of accomplishment with a splash of creativity y'know lol.

iamtheary said...

im sad i wasnt there.