Tuesday, June 16, 2009

love this 35mm film photo by sokai

we are practically day and night, silk and leather, complete opposites. and this photo really personifies our individuality. totally my desktop wallpaper for a really long time. i miss her so much already.

i just developed 4 rolls of film from nebraska. to my disappointment, a lot of them came out either under or over exposed. i'll be uploading them through out the week. until then, enjoy sokai's photos from nebraska. i very much enjoyed getting "dumped" for the past few days.


Sokai Yoon said...

Thanks to you I feel like buying some more of my favorite past time film (Fuji Reala 100) and snapping away. I definitely knew you DID NOT much enjoy getting dumped at that crackbandon building though, haha.

iamtheary said...

OMG i dont know why right now, im craving fried chicken sandwich with fries. its 3am and thinking about going to burger king. im tired of eating pho soup.