Monday, May 4, 2009

savannah was very hot and sticky, but just as gorgeous as it always is. it used to be a family tradition to go once a year. after a solid 4 year hiatus, i was very pleased to return. sokai had some extra b&w film that i used and they turned out so great. i must admit, this set is probably the most darkest, eeriest photos i've taken by far. the city is just so hauntingly beautiful.. i can't resist it. i'm pretty sure you all think i'm weird by now. as if these photos would make you change your mind. but i hope you like them all the same.

view my savannah set here.


iamtheary said...

ive always thought of you as a weirdo..thats because you're my sister. hehehehe anyways, of course i love those dark b&w photos.

ya'll should just make a trip out here, all of ya'll.

Sokai Yoon said...

The BW turned out wonderful! I'd think the added eerie value came from your film and camera itself. I wouldn't think it'd be so eerie in color. Yays!