Tuesday, May 12, 2009

i'm finally home! that was probably the roughest traveling i've ever had to do alone. after several flight delays, giving new york an extra night, and a lost phone, i thought i'd never make it back to georgia. but i'm home sweet home now.

and i have to admit, the fast-paced life isn't for me, but i'm kind of missing new york already. it took a while for me to let my surroundings sink into my skin. and then it dawned on me the last two days i spent there, that this was a perfect getaway city. i could just get up and go as i pleased.. i spent most of my days wandering the streets and subways alone.. drinking starbucks iced green tea (sweetened), crushin on boys, and musing on the atmospherics. it was exactly what the doctor ordered.

view 58 exposures of new york city here.

so, i scored a free one-way ticket with airtran for enduring the hellish ride. what do you think? new york city part two? or shall i take my traveling ways elsewhere? :)


The Joneses said...

What are you typically shooting with?

kneesee said...

mostly a nikon fm10 and expired film of all sorts. this specific trip i used expired konica centuria and kodak b&w.

Anonymous said...

I live in New york and I think New York is the best city in the world and think anyone who has the chance to come here should come here.(Im biased, shoot me...) but i also have the travel bug, that i will never get rid of so I say go somewhere else(Chicago, Philly perhaps?) and come back another time.....we'll still be cooler than the rest. lol

kneesee said...

LOL! i'm actually starting to feel the new york withdrawals. i do love chicago because it gives me a chance to either pick up the pace, or slow it down all in one city. but new york.. i don't know. i think its slowly winning me over! i really feel like it could be my summer residence as soon as i start teaching in a public school.

i don't think anyone else could be any cooler than you guys :)