Wednesday, March 18, 2009

i mentioned before that i purchased a nikon fm10 as birthday gift for myself from jennifer sometime last week. i named her nikki. i was a bit nervous because it's been forever since my dad taught me how to use a manual film camera. i took her out to the airport but didn't pay much attention to the lighting and those didn't come out so well. but luckily it was a 36 exposure film, so i caught some shots in the l5p neighborhood. so far, just 12 to share. but i'm excited because the lens and zooming on her is awesome.. and i'll be able to finally get some portraits done. sherman (the waterproof camera) will not be neglected! he's never let me down. i'm just gonna have to learn how to be a good parent to the both of them.

view the 12exposures here.

off to work, hope everyone has a lovely wednesday.

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kid.a said...

welcome to the nikon family. i have a nikon f3 and love it!

it took me a second to get used to shooting in film too. i fudged a few rolls of film too. going from digital to film is a lot harder than i expected but it is definitely a lot more fun....

now that i got a handle on photos have been coming out a lot better...can't wait to share em but i gotta find a scanner first! lol

well good luck! i'm sure you will get a handle on it in no time...