Thursday, December 11, 2008

what would i do without these little monsters? just hearing the way my name can be pronounced in sixteen different ways by sixteen unique characters is enough to get me by through any kind of day.

DJ: whats that right there?
me: where?
DJ: right there (points under nose)
me: what is it?
DJ: you need a tissue

PG: i spy something with my eye
me: what do you spy?
PG: something nice
me: who.. you?
PG: duhhhhneeeseeee
(she runs into my arms, rams her head into my smile)
PG: (rubs head) i hit my head on you lip

NW: (lifts up shirt) look
me: (looking at his belly)
NW: my belly button
NW: my betty button
NW: my betty bullon
NW: my belly bullon

PG: can i tell you somethin?
me: what? what is it?
PG: (whispers) the cow ran away with the spoon
me: actually, the dish ran away with the spoon
PG: oh he he

MM: (plays in my hair)
i'm gonna climb you like a tree
and camp in your hair.

two-year-olds have the funniest things to say. and with all the small talk that we have, i must say the best conversations i've ever had in my entire life have probably happened in my classroom.
what a hold they have on me...


Malina said...

that's just too cute! my daughter is also 2, and she is just the same way... it's funny where she learn those things, because i'm starting to think that she isn't 2 anymore. lol

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

I love little kids everything they say and do makes you want to go "aw" lol Nice blog! :)

iamtheary said...

you should hear the things jackson has to say now a day.

whats wrong with your phone?? call me.

Brittany said...

i know...this must be your calling???!

Marcus McFly said...

the "im gonna climb you like a tree and camp in your hair" trumps all others. easily. im so using that at the bar on the first becky i see.