Monday, October 6, 2008

i discovered this band, saturday looks good to me from the medicine for melancholy movie trailer which you should check out too.
i'm pretty much sold on both.

so our pool is officially closed for the next two seasons, maybe even three, which i'm kind of bummed about. i spent a few afternoons by the pool reflecting last week. i'm a water sign and i find any body of water tranquil to me. my idea of a perfect adventure should have anything to do with water.. which most of my favorite memories are. like last summer, when i took an impromptu vacation to the west coast to meet my friends in san diego. they were doing a show there so i shacked up in the cutest little apartment a drive away from the beach. then there was lake michigan, can't forget that. and last fall i went on a date with a boy to the aquarium. we were both water signs and it was beyond perfect. thats probably why we didn't last.

enjoy your mondaaaazeeee

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iamtheary said...

thats funny, a water sign? but you're body cant even handle most of the waves from the beaches and even the shower. AND you forgot my mini wedding on the beach last year.