Tuesday, September 23, 2008

this past week i've been thinking to myself "where in the world has my social life gone?" i think we all know the answer to that question and the reason behind it. i'm definitely working on that change because i'm starting to confide in the kids and they don't understand a word i say. so this week has plenty of socializing to offer me.

*thursday night ratatat @ the masquerade
*friday prestigious store opening @ north ave and peachtree
*saturday cut copy & the presets @ the masquerade

friends all the way from south florida & sf are on the way. this is building up a lot of excitement and anxiety. and i like it. forgive me, its been way too long since i've been out of my rabbit hole.

photo by bart knows


cris monay said...

yeah im pretty sure mine left when the excitement of my weekend is a dinner party for lola.ha!

cris monay said...

not that it wasnt exciting..clear that up.haha

kneesee said...

that was the last excitement/anxiety that i've had myself. which turned into being a nervous wreck into a chicken with no head and died shortly thereafter the guest arrived.. boo! but it was worth it. lol!

cris monay said...

so worth it! haha.