Monday, September 29, 2008

so i said that i'd write a story on the little significances of the name kneeseespieces and the puzzle piece. so here goes, life has its many intents and this happens to be one of my most valued ones. i hope i don't get too scattered. bare with me.

i grew up in a little church on buffington road. one day, our youth minister passed a box of jigsaw puzzles around the room and asked for each person to pick up a piece. he then told us that the one piece would be a reminder to us of who were were then, and we had the rest of our lives to complete the rest of the puzzle.

my great friend johanna once wrote me a little note with the name "kneesea" on it. i was confused.. i couldn't pronounce it and didn't know who it was for. and then, it eventually became kneesee. another friend of mine in highschool used to say to me "kneeseeee's pieeeces" in his best quagmire voice.. it was hilarious and it stuck.

now i am a pisces, the epitome of a pisces at that. and if you know a pisces girl, you would agree with me when i say we are a box of jigsaw pieces personified. a grand jigsaw that could not be completed in just one seating. i am just now coming to terms of this trait.. so i don't think it would be necessary to discuss my enigmatic personality. and then there are the similarities of the words pisces and pieces. you like it? me too.

have i lost you yet?

i loved art class, excelled in art class, had the coolest art teacher and always wanted to be like him growing up. years ago, i saw a program on art therapy for the autistic and was intrigued. what is looked upon a learning disability, to me, was an ability to view the world in ways we could never comprehend. there is no wrong or right answer to self expression and i was all for it. after years of trying to find my way.. a little pin found its way to me. an autism speaks pin.. a jigsaw puzzle piece.. a piece to my puzzle.. and then came my job :)

so from here, every now and then, i will share a little piece of me with you. be it a photo, an old journal entry, a song, a movie, a memory, a little history on me.. anything that has a story on how its made me who i am today and for the rest of my life. i will take you on a journey to the completion of my jigsaw puzzle. that is.. if it ever gets finished.


cris monay said...

ah cute...we will watching...reading..whatever you call this.

Starlight Jones said...

life is like a box of puzzle pieces