Wednesday, September 17, 2008

do you ever wake up and see missed calls you sometimes wished you picked up? i think those are the ones you were meant to miss. have you ever woke up 10 seconds before someone called you.. as if they were sending you a conscience message to your brain? and then you stayed up all night on the phone until morning? despite my work schedule, it was well worth staying up for :) just healthy talks that remind us that we are still human beings who, in fact, do contemplate. well, it's an hour til coffee and cereal so i should probably squeeze in a power nap.

have a happy wednesday


mreeuh said...

hmmm...never thought of it like that. What about those people who's calls you ALWAYS miss, then when you call them back...they dont pick up? Those never seem to last either.


cris monay said...

just think before cell phones when you didnt even know you missed a such a foreign idea.

kneesee said...

i'm a bit old fashioned i discovered. that foreign idea would actually be great only if it were common these days.