Thursday, August 14, 2008

i have been the picture apparatus as of late.
view my pieces at my kneeseespieces flickr.

i have become really tired with this blog. only because of great things actually. i don't think i will be updating here any longer. the past few months, especially days, i have discovered so much about myself that has inspired me to dip my feet into deeper waters.

goodbye maybe?
but bye for now.



L'Artiste said...

don't do it! then ill be bored!

mreeuh said...

you pices are so inconsistant...that might be the only thing consistant about yall.

Oh & yes, I have moved. Mother Chang got a job up here, and I'm still listed as a legal dependent, since I'm underage. i was thinking about gettin emancipated, but...for why? just a couple years anyway.

cris monay said...

you should stay with us!