Tuesday, July 22, 2008

i just wanted to write about how much i love work. i finally have just one job which is at the early preschool. its not helping with my living situation, but i've never been happier with going to work. although, i have been looking for a weekend gig.

i have been so stressed out lately, but only when i'm away from the center. the minute i get off, i start thinking about bills, money and bills. and then i come home and start to miss them so much. the kids are all i ever want to see every day.

little lenno puts rocks in my pockets when we're playing outside. i always forget them and end up finding them in the washing machine.

& darin calls me kneesee, its too cute.

woo woo woo.


don-p said...

hes gonna beat you up for calling him lenno thats not his name remember

Neutron said...

somebody loves what they're doing!